Gatesnotes | 'Neglected tropical diseases'

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) are diseases (mostly occurring in the topics) that are neglected because they don’t affect most of the first world or middle class. They devastate most of the poorer regions, keeping children out of school, parents out of work, and cause stunting and impaired brain development, preventing people from living healthy, productive lives and locking societies into endless cycles of poverty. One in six people suffer from NTD’s worldwide including more than half a billion children.

Progress over the past five years on NTDs is one of the most heroic efforts ever orchestrated in the service of the world’s most neglected people and it’s paying off. Progress is only possible thanks to the innovations and investments from pharma companies, support from donor and recipient governments and the front line health worker heroes who deliver the drugs the last mile to ensure even the hardest to reach communities are freed from the scourge of these diseases.